YANTAI JINZHENG ECO-TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD (NEWA), established in 2012, it’s an enterprise mastering the whole industrial chain of membrane water treatment, taking the research and development and manufacture of membrane material, module and equipment as the core technology, and continuously providing customers with competitive, safe and trustworthy products, services and systematic innovative solutions. From the very beginning, we have taken it as our mission to devote ourselves to water recycling and environmental improvement, and to create value for our customers while contributing to a clean, healthy and low-carbon society. Today, our business covers more than 30 industries and we have more than 600 engineering project cases. We are working openly with our global partners to create a safer, cleaner and more sustainable clean water world.



Company Capability

Its business covers the research and development of special membrane materials, manufacturing of special membrane modules and membrane water treatment equipment, zero liquid discharge and resource utilization of industrial wastewater, high quality reclaimed water reuse, resource utilization of miscellaneous salts, etc.Company Goal

Core Technology

R&D, production and application of membrane raw materials, membrane products, water treatment equipment and process packages

Main Business

Wastewater resource utilization, zero liquid discharge and high quality reclaimed water reuse

Whole Industry Chain

One of the few companies in the world that has mastered the complete process chain of R&D and production of membrane materials, intelligent manufacturing of membrane modules, standardized integration of membrane equipment, research and development of innovative process packages for the industry, implementation and operation of engineering projects and resourcefulness of miscellaneous salts.


Mainly distributed in energy, power, steel, municipal, chemical and special separation 6 major fields.

Business Models

Product co-operation, technical co-operation, project demonstration, water utilities investment (BOT, OM, TOT)

Patent technology
Conquering the difficulties in the large-scale production with the self-developed core technologies
Talent development
Attaching importance to talent cultivation Possession of 200 high-quality staff
Total investment of 2.7 billion yuan
The Innovation Industrial Park covers an area of 50 acres, while the Water Environment Industrial Park covers an area of 255 acres
Innovation Advantage

Manufacturing Innovation

The company strictly adopts the concept of "Industry 4.0" and independently researches and develops the world's leading fully automatic flat membrane module production line.

Engineering Design Innovation

In the field of disc tube special membrane application, company innovatively leads and successfully realizes the mode of engineering equipment, equipment standardization and production scale, replaces conventional engineering lengthy process chain design and construction with mobile special membrane equipment, and has extremely strong response and disposal ability in large-scale and emergency projects;

System Integration Innovation

The design concept of large-scale water treatment projects to solve large volume project design problems, a breakthrough in conventional idea of solving the problem by increasing number of equipment and design concept of small-scale systems, to achieve a large-scale flat membrane system, to overcome the problems caused by the amplification effect of the system;

Process R&D Innovation

Facing industry's pain point problems, company continues to innovate in technology and process, providing complete process packages and solutions for various industries, featuring short construction cycle, large treatment capacity, high recovery rate, recoverable energy, effective combination of multiple processes and low operating costs;

Innovation in Industrial Layout

A complete process chain enterprise that masters R&D and production of membrane raw materials, intelligent manufacturing of membrane modules, standardized integration of equipment, implementation and operation of engineering projects, resourcefulness of miscellaneous salt and big data platform;

Management Innovation

In order to improve communication efficiency and reduce management costs, company implements flat management, cuts down numbers of layers, and implements industry chief engineer system with all six industries to strengthen technical support efforts.

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