Landfill Leachate

Treatment process

According to the water quality characteristics of various types of leachate, such as landfill leachate, hazardous waste leachate, kitchen leachate, etc., the pre-treatment process route is reasonably adjusted to ensure the stable operation of the membrane system, thus realizing the whole process chain from pre-treatment to membrane treatment, and effectively solving the problem of leachate zero-discharge treatment by DTRO.

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Apply “Pre-treatment + DTRO + Evaporation & Drying” treatment process, shorter process, high resistance to water impact 

loads, operational;

Standardized modular equipment, small footprint construction cycle is greatly reduced, mobile equipment with a strong contingency;

Recovery rate≥95%, dry cured solids water content<30%, curing packaging backfill.

Demonstration projects

Laohuchong landfill leachate treatment project 2100m³/d

Changchun landfill leachate treatment project 5000m³/d

Jinan Everbright landfill leachate treatment project 1100m³/d

Anshan landfill leachate emergency treatment project 1000m³/d

Qingdao laixi xintiandi hazardous waste leachate ZLD project 240m³/d

Erdos kitchen waste slurry treatment project 150m³/d